Hello world!

Thanks for visiting the new Guthrie Engineering website. My name’s James and I’m a mechanical engineer. I’m PhD educated, an Associate Member of IMechE (hopefully going to get Incorporated status soon) and a registered Horizon 2020 Expert. I’m working on a CFD software package that runs on GPU’s, which of course has the potential to run simulations much faster than on CPU’s. The first version of the software is ready to be made available to customers on Amazon Web Services via the Marketplace. We just need to wait for their approval of our Marketplace account!

Development of the software is going to be continuous so the Marketplace package will be regularly updated. The software is built on OpenFOAM 2.3 and has most of the standard solvers available but the ‘To-Do’ list for this software is huge, so I’m applying for EU H2020 funding to work on it for the next year or 2.

Anyway, get in touch if you want to chat or need help 🙂


James in Salou, Spain

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